Ntsib Kuv Tsevneeg

Paperback, 20 pages, 6x8, Hmong
by Rick Vang & Connie Vang

Written in Hmong, this book is designed for intermediate and early advance in Hmong language. It is fully illustrated with color drawings making it interesting and easy for young readers. It provides teaching points, soft skills for class discussions, and questions for discussion. 

Note that this is the White Hmong version and that the Green Hmong version is also available.

Teaching Points

  • Reading level:  Intermediate to early advance Hmong
  • Focus on words with single consonants, double consonants, and triple consonants
  • Tone markers (-, b, d, g, j, m, s, v)
  • Classifiers (tus, cov, lub)
  • Reading fluently and with expression
  • Vocabulary for family members (from the femaile's side)
  • Compound & hyphenated words
  • Proper nouns