Paub Tus Kheej - Paub Ntiajteb (Know Self - Know the World)

Paperback, 195 pages, 9x6, Hmong
by Ge Xiong
ISBN: 978-0-578-29014-0

Paub Tus Pheej-Paub Ntiajteb (Know Self-Know the World) is a unique book written in Hmong language in the context of history, education, and culture. It's tailored for Hmong readers, especially those deprived of educationally rich information written in English or other languages and the young generation of Hmong whose mother language is being lost.

Ge Xiong recounts some essential aspects of Hmong history that most have only heard from verbal stories told by elders from generation to generation. As a community educator, Xiong also provides basic knowledge of the complexity of the world we live in today as human society is changing rapidly around us socially, culturally, politically, and economically.