Peb Txhua Tus Muaj Peev Xwm Ua Tau Phooj Ywg (We Can All Be Friends)

Paperback, 8.5x8.5, 24 pages, colorful illustrations, bilingual
by Michelle Griffis
ISBN: 9781636850498

We Can All Be Friends shows how much we have in common even though we are all different. Illustrations include diverse characters and settings from around the world, allowing children to see themselves in the book and learn about the world around them.

This multicultural book, part of the Language Lizard Living in Harmony Series, includes access to FREE LESSON PLANS and fun activities to support diversity education.



We Can All Be Friends is a powerful book with important insights into multicultural friendships. Containing characters from culturally and racially diverse backgrounds, this book promotes inclusion throughout. The simple, but profound, text combined with beautiful illustrations, provide rich opportunities for children to make personal connections with the content. A must-have picture book for every classroom!

- Ellen O'Regan, M.Ed - Elementary School Teacher

The Living in Harmony Series of books teaches kids to embrace diversity and act kindly toward others. With its central theme that we all have more similarities than differences, this deceptively simple and endearing series is a valuable resource to cultivate compassion in our children.

- Zeynep Erdil-Moody, Ph.D., Language Acquisition Specialist, Tampa

Beautifully illustrated and strategically organized to honor and leverage linguistic and cultural diversity via representation and inclusion. True 'window and mirrors' books that promote unity amongst diversity!

- Kelly Aldinger, ESL Teacher, Albany

The Living in Harmony books captivate the essence of American diversity. The books beautifully crafted illustrations represent the faces of ALL my students and the simple words teach powerful lessons of kindness, acceptance, understanding, and friendship. Teachers looking to introduce diverse texts for young readers in their classroom libraries, look no further!

- Nikolette Trofa, 4th Grade Teacher

The Living in Harmony books are illustrated as all children's books should be-- with a variety of cultures and skin tones presented. These stories can open the world up to readers...

-Mandy Davis, Children's Librarian, Maryland