Phooj Ywg Zoo

Paperback, 8x10, 34 pages, Hmong
by Pazong Vang Moua
ISBN: 978-1-64410-042-4

PHOOJ YWG ZOO (Hmoob version) In today’s culture, Hmong children often learn through the dominant language while their native language rests waiting to be awakened. Phooj Ywg Zoo is a children’s book teaching the principles of friendship in Hmong. Not only does it introduce essential vocabulary for early learners, it does so in a rhythmic pair, and allows children to think and make connections: empowering them to be independent learners.   

Pazong Vang Mua is the co-author of Phau Ntawv Hmoob: Hmong Workbook (Kindergarten – First Grade) published by HER Publisher. As a seasoned teacher and new mother, Mua hopes to write more books relevant to today’s children while being able to preserve the wealth and beauty of Hmong language and culture. She is passionate about creative writing and creating a plethora of materials for the upcoming generations. Mua resides in Saint Paul with her beloved husband and two children.