Qhov Tseeb & Qhov Dag

Paperback, 22 pages, 6x8, Hmong 
by Rick Vang & Connie Vang

Written in Hmong, this book is illustrated with colorful drawings which makes it intertersting and easy to follow for young readers.

Teaching points in this book include:

  • Reading level: Intermediate to early advance Hmong
  • Focus on words with single consonants, double consonants and tripble consonants
  • Tone markers (all except the "d" tone)
  • Reading fluency and expression
  • Poetic devices: couplet, rhyming, rhythm, symbolism, figurative language
  • Compare and contrast truth and lies
  • Connection to a time that one has lied or told the truth
  • Life application: consequences of lies and truth
  • Themes or underlying messages: better to tell the truth tha to lie and truth will prevail in all circumstances