The Art of Thoughts: Poetry, Prose, Quotes, and Words

Paperback, 93 pages, 6x9, English
by Paul Her
ISBN: 978-1-63302-032-0

In this book, people will read poems, prose, quotes, and words to inspire their souls. The writings will not only transform people's thought process, but it will touch their hearts. It will help them focus on their own self-worth, and help them find the strength to defeat loneliness. In each section of this book, people will learn how to see the world on an unselfish way. It will show the positive element which one can tap in to improve their ways of thinking in a humble fashion. We as humans along the way encountered so many bad experiences that we may many times lose the will to live. This book will give you the outlooks to think for yourself and to make better judgement of your choices.

Paul Her (Vang Pao Her) published his fifth in within five years. His first four books are a series of his Life's collection poetry, reflecting his views and perspectives through his life. He is currently working on w philosophy book, while also publishing this book. In the last few years, Paul has travelled to different universities such as Oral Roberts University, Tulsa University, and Roger State University to share with students his writings. He enjoys inspiring students to find the inner truth inside their hearts to live life to the best of their abilities. Paul Her is graduated with a BA in Business Administration from the Siena Heights University.