The Fifth Wife: A Memoir of Hope, Love, and Faith

Hardcover, 351 pages, 6x9, English
by Soua Lee
ISBN: 9798987053928

Mai Cee was born into a strict culture, birthed in a refugee camp, and brought to the United States of America at a young age. She is a perfectionist. She works hard at school and in her family's home. With excellent grades, she has her mind set on pursuing a prestigious university education. Mai Cee wants to correct the imperfections of her roots and go far away to study, to carve out a new destiny of adventure and success.

When Mai Cee least expects it, true love crosses her path. She falls head over heels for a charming American soldier, a hero who has come to rescue her from her dull, senseless, and conflicting Hmong life. But this amazing lover has other secrets in store, secrets that may destroy everything Mai Cee has worked for including her goal of forever trying to please her father.

The Fifth Wife: A Memoir of Hope, Love, and Faith, is a compelling story about the pursuit of excellence and honor, a daring undertaking to find true love, and a willingness to make new meanings. Follow Mai Cee's story to understand the consequences of grief and despair; the power of faith and forgiveness; and the bliss of rediscovering purpose.