Tus Qav thiab tus Yoov

Paperback, 36 pages, 10x8, Hmong
by Payeng Moua and See Yee Yang
ISBN: 978-1-64410-032-5

TUS QAV THIAB TUS YOOV (Hmoob version) invites you to follow the story of two strangers-turned-best-friends, who discover how the power of friendship can conquer grief and loss. This colorful story aims to give young readers the language and power to discuss their mental health without stigma. Written by a young student, Payeng Moua, in collaboration with her teacher, See Yee Yang, this book is a great resource for students learning Hmong or English. Along with the beautiful full color illustrations, this children’s book is a great resource for young learners.

Payeng Moua was born and raised in Saint Paul, MN. Growing up, she loved reading children's books with the beautiful illustrations, noticing the friendliness of the characters, especially animals, and reading the happy endings. She loves animals and has a strong interest in animal science. Payeng enjoys spending time with her best friend Nana, a beautiful Gerberian Shepsky breed who has helped her through some challenging and lonely times.

See Yee Yang is a Hmong teacher at Washington Technology Magnet School in Saint Paul. He holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies with a minor in Education from Carleton College and a master’s degree in Educational Design and Technology from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. He teaches Hmong as a World Language class in high school as part of the pathway program for the Hmong Dual Language program in Saint Paul Public Schools. In addition, he is part of the team developing the curriculum for, and teaching, Asian American Studies and Hmong American Studies as Social Studies electives. See Yee has a passion for helping students to believe and dream beyond what they can see by providing a variety of experiences, exposure to diverse perspectives, and opportunities to explore the world beyond the classroom.