INK: Hmong Magazine

Paperback, 52 pages, 8.2x10.7, English
Volume 1, No. 1
by INK: Hmong Magazine
SSN: 1091-6717
William Colby, the Hmong & the CIA by Amoun Vang Sayaovong;
Chaophakaow by Xai Xiong; 
Chinese Odyssey by Yuepheng Xiong; 
Self-inflected Setbacks by Rosy Lor; 
William Smalley Profile by Michael Erard; 
For Your Health by Dr. Pao Saykao; 
Leprosy: Needless Scars by Yer Moua; 
County Supervisor Wants Hmong Out of Yuba by Kou Xiong; 
A Prayer United by Noukou Thao; 
Grocery Shopping at Byerly's Between Mothers and Daughters, A Mother's Love by Mai Neng Moua; 
Tsis Ntsia Rov Qab by Nhia Vang; and 
Reflections by Sao Thao