Loss and Separation

Paperback, 86 pages, 6x9, English
by Paj Ntaub Voice

Content include:
The Shape by Bryan Thao Worra; A Bride's Letter to Her Father by Shoua Camille Moua; evening goodbye by Teng Moua; Sunday Near the Sea by Teng Moua; Impermanence by Song Yang; Rusted Ivory by Song Yang; Still Life With Fruit: A Family Portrait by Song Yang; Losing Us by Cindy Yang; Photographs Upon Coming Home by Mai C. Yang; and Walk With You by May Pahou Ly
Visual Arts:
Introduction by Mai Neng Moua; Portraits of Hmong Women by Kou Vang; and arts by Pheng Lor and Yeng Lor
Sister Celine Loves Gregor Mendel by Ka Vang; Hmong Medicine by Beth Kyong Lo; HOT TEA = BOYS by Hua Her; Learning English? by May P. Cha; and Little Sister by Kong Vang