Paperback, 114 pages, 6x9, English
by Paj Ntaub Voice

Contents include:
Fatherless by Shoua Lee; My Father's Hands by Mee Xiong; Mother the Magnificent by Nancy Yang; The Fathers by Kong Phong Lesang; My Mother's Hands by Jy Xiong; Embracing the Forbidden by Abel Vang; She told me once she loved the rain by Mee Xiong; Hands of a Man by A Yang; The Middle Son by Abel Vang; In the House of Lee by Kong Phpng Lesang; My Friend by Soua Xiong; Kuv tus PHoojywg by Soua Xiong; Kuv tus Phooj Ywg Zoo by Sandy Paj Tshiab Lauj; Ghost Army from the Land of a Million Elephants by Brett Kell; Human Borders by Mai Der Vang; 1960's Vintage Fender Strat by Abel Vang; Hmoob is Forever by Anou Lo; What That Love by Jy Xiong; Hmong-Laotian Girl by Tong Xiong; Hospitals by Mai Ka Moua; Suicide by Mai Ka Moua; 2005 Winner Paj Ntaub Voice Prize for Poetry; The Eel by Burlee Vang; Lipstick Dinos by Burlee Vang; Dib Kaus by Burlee Vang; Confessions of a Hmong Thug by Burlee Vang; Muse of the Man-Tiger by Burlee Vang; Blood Rice Spilling from an Unexpected Circumcision by Burlee Vang; Upon Finding a Leaf While Raking my Winter Loneliness by Burlee Vang; The Turkey by Burlee Vang; and The White-Lined Sphinx by Burlee Vang
Visual Arts of Fue Xiong and Sai Vang
Death Sentence by Kong Vang; My Babies by Lee Lor Lee; The Old Guard by Pacyinz Lyfoung; White Lies and Silence by G. Y. Lee; What I Was Prepared For by Mayche Vang; Waiting for Marisa by Ka Ying Thao; and The Good Hmong Girl by Ka Vang